Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly Review

San Diego’s Matt Lynott sent me a link to his self-titled debut album a while back, and I am very pleased that he did.  Whether on  instrumentals or songs with vocals, his arrangements – the textures, instrumentation, dynamics, and melodies he employs – show great sophistication and sensitivity, but there’s also an infectious sense of fun and experimentation present on much of the album. It doesn’t hurt that I hear echoes here of  many of my favorite artists, including Calexico, Califone, and Elliott Smith.  Matt probably just wanted me to write about him on the blog, but I immediately had to ask whether I could consider this a submission for BoW 33. I had a hard time picking one song, but the undeniable groove of “Stitch” seemed to combine with Territory & Hombre’s “Autry” for just the one-two punch I needed to kick off this volume. Like “Autry,” “Stitch” has already been released as part of an album, which you should go listen to now.