Matt Lynott


Matt Lynott has been making music for 35 years. He grew up in La Jolla, California, where he was mentored by jazz great Chuck McPherson. Matt started playing with local friends Michael Andrews and Gary Jules (Donnie Darko, Mad World) at a young age. He played on two albums for Gary and formed a band with Michael called Elgin Park. He also played drums for the television shows, "Freaks and Geeks","Undeclared", and “Big Little Lies”.

The tight-knit and vibrant San Diego music scene spawned five bands; The White Buffalo, Elgin Park, The Jade Shader, Years Around The Sun, and the Truckee Brothers. In addition, he has toured with Rob Crow in Goblin Cock, Jason Falkner, and many others.  The White Buffalo has had numerous songs on popular shows such as Sons of Anarchy, Californication, The Punisher, This is Us, and Longmire. Matt has also performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Later...with Jools Holland, Last Call with Carson Daly, Guitar Center Sessions, and Rockpalast. 

Many albums and tours later, Matt released his debut solo project, self-titled, in 2012. His songs have a sophistication and sensitivity to them, blending elements of jazz, and 60's pop, but with a healthy dose of experimentation and fun. Two songs of his debut release, "I'll Be Back" and "Sriracha!" were used in award winning documentaries,"Crime After Crime", and "Sriracha".

Currently Matt is touring with The White Buffalo. He recently finished recording his next solo album, "Goonga Galoonga", which was released in the spring of 2018. He lives with his wife and baby in San Diego. 



Matt Lynott

     Goonga Galoonga 2018 

     Self-titled 2012

The White Buffalo

     The White Buffalo E.P. 2005

     Hogtied Revisited 2009

     Lost and Found E.P. 2011

     Once Upon A Time In The West 2012

     Shadows,Greys,and Evil Ways 2013

     The Lone Ranger

     Soundtrack"Wanted" 2013

     Love and the death of Damnation


     Darkest Darks,Lightest Lights

Gary Jules

     Greetings From the Side 1998

     Trading Snake Oil

     for Wolf Tickets 2001

Elgin Park

     Self-Titled 2001

The Jade Shader

     Curse of the Tuatara 2005

     Sea Stacks and Sleestacks 2017


     Path integral 2017

Old Man Canyon

     Delirium 2016

Years Around The Sun

     Castles In The Sky

     Soundtrack 2010

     Incarnation 2012

Secret Lynx

     Self-titled E.P. 2015

Feline 2019

Truckee Brothers

     It Came From The Speakers 2005

     Double Happiness 2007

     In Pursuit of Happiness 2007

Atom Orr

     Searching For Sparrows 2008

     This Was Tomorrow 2011

     Galaxies With

     Long Yellow Curtains 2012

     Flotsam and Jetsam 2013

     Handful of Dust 2014

     Smoke Through A Keyhole 2014

     Light in the Doorway 2016

     Shadowland 2018

Under Western Skies 2018

David J. Carpenter

     Be As It May 2018

     The Last Companion E.P. 2018

Andy Hovering

     Hovering 2017

Frank Lee Drennen

     By the Sea 2016


     El Greco Skies 2017

Greg Friedman

     Souls of Passing Feet 2007

     Songs of the Month 2013-2015

Hills Like Elephants

     The Endless Charade 2012

Sara Petite

     Road Less traveled 2017

Moonsville Collective

     Moonsville III E.P. 2017

Ryan Welch

     Heaven's Bar 2018

     Open Up The Door 2018

Marie Haddad

     Stories From Atlantis 2017

Shawn P. Rohlf

     Country Mouse City Mouse 2017

Beau James

     E.P. Landmarks 2016

The Spells

     Little Oaks 2011

Old Man Hands

     Under the Weight of Night 2005

Water And Power

     Ninth Level Avenue 2014

     Self-titled 2012


     No Soul No Heart

The Dead Lovers

     Slow Back 2017

Allison Gill

     Prophet flower 2006  

Fred Van Vactor

     Everything Good All At Once 2009

Silver Strands

     Self-titled 2011

Chuck Richards

     Lost In The Sound 2006

     Still 2008


     Cut From The Cloth 2012

The Glenn Thomas Band

     Keep On 2018

Marklyn Retzer

     Dandelion Tattoo 2018    

Patrick Dennis

     Furst in the Dirt 2015

Terraplane Sun

     Self-titled 2010


     Echo of Your Peace 2014

Sam Bybee

     The Lonely Boys 2017