Bristol 24/7

The White Buffalo isn’t just Smith though, he’s aided and abetted in the studio and on stage by Matt “The Machine” Lynott on drums and Christopher Hoffee on bass – one of the tightest rhythm sections treading the boards.The stage set up was functional and sparse: Lynott’s kit located front and stage right, Hoffee’s bass rig and mic front and stage left, leaving centre stage for Smith. There were no flash moves, no grandstanding, simply a shit hot band kicking the packed Academy’s collective ass. Lynott battered his kit precisely throughout, gurning and grinning, bellowing along with the lyrics yet displaying finesse and delicacy on the ballads.


By JONATHON KARDASZ, Sunday Apr 22, 2018

Festy GoNuts

Jake Smith is joined by Christopher Hoffee on bass and Matt Lynott on drums.  It’s hard to imagine the driving energy on some of The White Buffalo’s tracks being recreated by 3 men, let alone surpassed by them, but that is exactly what Hoffee and Lynott bring to the table. 

Matt Lynott attacks his drum kit with ferocity, like a heavy metal jazz band, if there were such a thing.  Sticks are flying at lightning speed, and one almost feels sorry for the abuse the skins are taking. 


by Jason | Nov 21, 2017

Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly Review

San Diego’s Matt Lynott sent me a link to his self-titled debut album a while back, and I am very pleased that he did.  Whether on  instrumentals or songs with vocals, his arrangements – the textures, instrumentation, dynamics, and melodies he employs – show great sophistication and sensitivity, but there’s also an infectious sense of fun and experimentation present on much of the album. It doesn’t hurt that I hear echoes here of  many of my favorite artists, including Calexico, Califone, and Elliott Smith.  Matt probably just wanted me to write about him on the blog, but I immediately had to ask whether I could consider this a submission for BoW 33. I had a hard time picking one song, but the undeniable groove of “Stitch” seemed to combine with Territory & Hombre’s “Autry” for just the one-two punch I needed to kick off this volume. Like “Autry,” “Stitch” has already been released as part of an album, which you should go listen to now.

Listen Up Denver!

They all grinned ear-to-ear while Lynott destroyed a drum solo and smiled while Smith and Andrews deviously plucked their guitar strings faster and faster to see if all three members could keep pace with the beat. As a lone member of the herd The White Buffalo holds his own, but like every good herd he is better as part of the group.



 – NOVEMBER 21, 2012